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V6 Turbo VR Test Mule

This article is provided for information purposes only and to convey FITs ongoing enthusiasm, innovations and commitment to supporting the Holden V6 community.

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FIT are no longer involved in turbo development, we are unable to respond to enquires regarding turbo manifolds and, as such, ask that people Please DO NOT ENQUIRE to FIT about turbo manifolds, the information on this website is purely for informational purposes only.

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Naturally Aspirated Format
Car Specs:

1995 Holden Commodore, VR wagon, engine stock 180,000klm, manual transmission, painted in Hot-House green and sporting VY SS wheels.

VR Buick style 3.8ltr V6 converted to turbo V6

The existing stock combination would've been lucky to pull 125rwhp when it drove into MWS workshop. It was very wheezy, would only make power to 4,500rpm, and just felt like a slug.

It was a 180,000klm old VR V6 with the original Buick motor, with ABSOLUTELY NO WORK DONE TO THE ENGINE!! It even still had the original throttle body restrictor (and still has even with the turbo installed)

The only thing it had modified was Pacemaker Extractors (which had to be removed in favour of the turbo manifolds) and a 2 ½" Cat back Exhaust.

The car is a real "looker", but it just didn't have the street cred required in the acceleration department. This thing was "stock-as-a-rock" and in desperate need of some boost.

Turbo Development process
Branching off the success of the 'VT Turbo Test Mule' development, as well as FIT's involvement with the V6 Vengeance program, the fabrication of manifolds for the earlier model Commodores was seen another opportunity to assist the Die-Hard V6 fans in their search for more power.

At the time the opportunity presented itself FIT were already extremely busy with their M90 Air-to-Air Intercooler development, as well as other projects they were progressing through, so it was decided to call upon the unification of several professionals in the field for their assistance, namely:

  • (MWS) Marks' Workshop in York, WA
  • Chipmaster in Maddington

FIT's role in the process was to design, develop, and manufacture the turbo manifolds and intercooler plumbing to form the main structure for the rest of the components to integrate to.
  • FIT fabricated and supplied the Vengeance/FIT/MWS V6 Turbo Manifolds
  • FIT 450mm x 280mm x 75mm intercooler
  • 2 ½" Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Garret GT25 Roller Bearing Turbo rated to 440 flywheel Hp.

The role of MWS was to supply and install the required components and fabricate solutions for items that needed relocation. The list of items supplied and fitted to the VR were:
  • 42.5lb/hr injectors
  • Bosch 600 fuel pump
  • oil lines, water lines
  • labour, fitting ... misc.

Mark is a true craftsman and just installed the system to perfection and even added some of his finishing touches and developments. The clutch in the T5 was showing signs of strain so it had to be changed in favour of a much heavier duty item.

Then it was time for Daniel from Chipmaster to tune it who is definitely the best tuner our state has to offer. The tuning managed to provide a very conservative 249rwhp at 7psi boost - already double the power without even trying. This was done in order to ascertain reliability and not to stretch the limits of the engine on its first outing.

We've Got Boost!!
With the turbo now installed and running the whole car is so alive. It would easily real off low 13's sec ¼ mile times and blow a few ricers into the weeds, without even trying.

It pulls through the gears seamlessly. The whole package is very well integrated to the rest of the driveline and chassis. The motor just has so much more power and torque than before that it now easily makes power all the way to the 5750rpm redline.

Most of the time it makes 7 - 8 psi in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear, but it was showing close to 9psi on the gauge in 4th gear. This is typical of turbo cars, they will always make 1 - 2 psi more boost when loaded up in top gear

Owner Very Impressed!!

We caught up with Peter; he was happily smirking and telling us how many Maloo Utes, 180sx's and 5.0litres he'd creamed over the past couple of weeks!! By this time the car had been running for around 6 weeks and, although we shouldn't say, he tells us it has been driven very hard!!

The original T5 gearbox is plenty ok, as is the new clutch and old 3.08 open wheel diff. Future plans are to upgrade the diff to LSD with a 3.45 ratio and increase the boost to 10psi which should being power output close to 300rwhp.

We strongly advised Peter to always run 98+RON Premium, and never let the tank run dry, (always target to have between full and ½ tank of fuel). MWS and FIT have advised Peter (and he agreed) to just drive it around for 2 - 3 months as it, just let the bank account recover, and then hit the dyno again for a power increase in around 4 months time. This way if the motor dies in the search for more power he is prepared for it.


It just goes to show what can be done when it's all approached in the right way. It should make 300rwhp on the stock motor, but we don't know how long it will last. We'll keep you posted.

Our predictions were right on target!!
After driving the car around for 5 months Peter decided it was time for a bit of a an upgrade. If you recall the Turbo Conversion netted 249rwhp on 9psi boost, which was approximately double the initial power. At that stage the engine have done 180,000klms and was totally stock.

With now 190,000klms on the clock, and still the same dead stock engine, we decided to up the boost to 12psi. Daniel from Chipmaster worked through the mapping to calibrate the air/fuel ratios and timing according to the new increased boost requirements.

The result 304rwhp!! Although we could have left it at this level, we detuned it slightly to take into consideration the climatic differences that occur between hot summer and cold winter temperature variations, as well as possible variations with premium fuel.

The final tune was set to 296rwhp to give plenty of headroom for not overstressing the engine and giving plenty of safety margins for possible variations in driving conditions.

Peter is extremely happy with the improvements from the increase in boost, power and torque. If you take a look at the accompanying dyno output graph you will note the grand improvements in peak power and torque spread.

The car went on down to the Kwinana Motorplex to test it's capabilities down the track. Remember this is a VR Wagon, with manual transmission, stock road tyres, stock 3.08 non-LSD Diff and full street trim. Even with it only being Peter's second time down the track it managed to reel off a series of low 13sec passes, with the best recording a 13.3sec ET @ 106mph.

Even though we have reached our predicted targets, there is still plenty left in this combination from further tweaking, but for now we and Peter are extremely happy with the outcome of the FIT Turbocharged conversion!!

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But seriously,

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